Regional Government of Madrid-Open Studio Training Programme




Mercedes Pimiento
Sin título, s.f. De la serie Light from an ultra-cool neighbor Fósiles vegetales, caja de plástico y cinta 7×7,5x14cm


Abel Jaramillo
Informe T6794769 Instalación. Impresión sobre algodón, estructura de hierro, piezas de hierro y fotografía. 220 x 200 x 60 cm 2017

The Regional Government of Madrid and Open Studio have announced a new Training Programme for two artists less than thirty years old who will spend the month of February 2018 in residence at the studios of two acknowledged and acclaimed creators: Eugenio Ampudia and Los Carpinteros (“The Carpenters”), who will act as guides during this period, encourage an exchange of experiences, information and ideas and offer the young artists advice on how to realize their projects.

The objective of this new programme is to contribute to training in the visual arts, promote the entry of young artists into the professional sphere, encourage artistic research, promote awareness of the artistic context in Madrid and open up paths of development in the sphere of contemporary creation.

After meeting, the jury, made up of Eugenio Ampudia (artist), Los Carpinteros (an artistic collective made up of Marco Antonio Castillo and Dagoberto Rodríguez), Antonio J. Sánchez Luengo (Deputy Director General of Fine Arts of the Regional Government of Madrid), Javier Martín-Jiménez (Artistic Advisor to the Regional Government of Madrid), Manuel Segade (Director of CA2M) and María Eugenia Álvarez (Director of Open Studio), announced that the winners of this first edition are the artists Abel Jaramillo (Badajoz, 1993), who will carry out his residence at the studio of Eugenio Ampudia, and Mercedes Pimiento (Seville, 1990), who will spend her month-long residence at the studio of Los Carpinteros.

Abel Jaramillo’s work is based on the search for strategies which alter or subvert the normal logic for understanding different contexts. He is interested in the cracks in history, the stories in the margins, how discourses are produced and constructed and the political tensions which are projected in everyday matters.

His practice focusses on the frictions and dissents which arise when expressing events, actions and images which reveal historical relationships, present conflicts and future speculations. By means of hybrid processes which include video, installation, performance, sculpture, text and photograph, he investigates the construction of history from below, the production of discourses, the relationship between tales and territories, margins and peripheries and the classification, organisation and conservation of archives.

The work of Mercedes Pimiento tends to start out from the context around her: from common places, objects and materials belonging to everyday life. Using a variety of media such as installation, sculpture, drawing, video and photography, she engages in a series of essays or registers on the way we perceive, interact with and modify our environment.

She is interested in construction as a process of transformation as a way of “being” in the world. Her projects are often linked to different environments and function by way of mechanisms in an attempt to understand the most immediate reality and how it is constructed: from an individual, subjective construction, in which a body relates to space to generate a place, to the group or social construction of space.

She is currently working around the idea of landscape – especially its use and construction – understanding it as a world which is mediated, culturally produced; as a space of production and a merchandise in itself.