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arte-espanol Open Studio Madrid drives and promotes Spanish contemporary art at international level, as well as fostering and strengthening networking between domestic and foreign professional artists and the mobility of our creators beyond our borders.

This goal is achieved through a programme of personal invitations to professionals. We have had visits from directors of centres and museums such as the Los Angeles Orange County Museum of Art, Le Plateau (Le Frac Île-de-France), Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel, the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Chateau des Adhemar, in addition to international gallery directors and independent curators. This fulfils one of the organisation’s main goals: to ensure that artists gain visibility among professionals both inside and outside our borders.
In the 2015 edition, with the collaboration of AC / E through the PICE programme , Institut Français and Nissan, professionals were invited from museums and art centers such as Gasworks London, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York , Development Center Visual Arts of Cuba and curators from Brazil, Chile, Mexico , Germany and France. A specific program is been created for the involved participants including the travel invitations, hotel and studio tours and events from Open Studio for three days.

Thanks to the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) in the visitors’ category, and with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E – “Spanish Cultural Action”), a specific programme, coordinated by the independent  curator Virginia Torrente, has been created for this edition.

As a novel feature of this 5th edition, and with the collaboration of Madrid City Council, an Open Studio 2018 Professional Closing Day will be held. An encounter which will bring together foreign guests and a large number of professionals from the world of art and will take place on the morning of 20th February at the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Conde Duque Cultural Centre.

This Closing Day seeks to create an exchange of ideas and synergies between commissioners associated with institutions and those who work independently, prominent managers and coordinators from the field of contemporary art from Spain and abroad.

The aim of this encounter is to review employment standards, locations and working methods of artistic residences, new possibilities of viewing artists’ work after the Open Studio experience and how to then integrate them into the exhibition circuit. All of this from the different perspectives of the professionals participating in the encounter, with a view to creating operating and network communication strategies, always open to improvement, in the triangle formed between artists, commissioners and exhibition and residence centres, encompassing both the institutional and the private landscape.

Thanks to this program, participant artists from previous editions of Open Studio Madrid, have received proposals for exhibitions in art centers, participating in group or solo exhibitions at national and international galleries and have made new contacts.

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