Educational Activities

Carabanchel – Oporto Area

35,000 young people Saturday 17th February 6 pm

Curating of artists’ publications/fanzines previously selected by members of the studio following an open call.

Estudio Lisboa Sunday 18th February 7 pm

Barroquitas aburridas DJ SET

Barroquitas aburridas are an artistic duo formed by RevSilver and Marta Pinilla which was born from the Hospital de Artistas sessions in LaJuan Gallery. In their contemporary vintage performances, they mix the post-modernist baroque of pop culture, combining electronics, traditional Spanish and avant-garde elements. Their proposal acts as a cocktail shaker in which music, plastic and gold, Frozen and Pingu and Rocío Jurado will explode together in a DJ set that will include the exclusive presentation of their new songs.

Fuentesal & Arenillas Saturday 17th February 7 pm

This studio presents the artist Alejandro Ginés, Seville 1984, who will present his work in a 40-minute lecture with public interaction and an exhibition of his work in the space available. Alejandro will present mechanisms that invite the members of the audience to discover the possibilities of escape concealed in any everyday item or place you may find yourself in.

Door Four Saturday 17th February. Activity no. 1: 12:30 pm – Activity no. 2: 1:15 pm.  Mandatory Inscriptions in

The first activity is an anti-selfie session with MISS BEIGE, the Madrid-born artist Ana Esmith’s alter ego, who always seeks provocation and reflection through play. Her eyes turn the watcher into the watched.

The second activity is by Violeta Nicolás. Title: “When there’s no time to wait” Performance. Duration: 30 min. Elements: dropper, food colouring, sunflower seeds, paper.


Carabanchel – Urgel Area

#ey!studio Sunday 18th February 6:30 pm

Music session entitled “HOT SAUCE”, with Afro Beat and other tropical electronic beats, led by the DJs Chiquita Mambo & Rookie MISTAKES.

Altura Projects Saturday 17th February 5 pm

Attendees will be able to witness in situ the development status of these projects at the place where they were created, with the necessary time to discuss with the artists their work processes and creative interests.

U-Studio Sunday 18th February 1 pm

Talks/Drinks by way of presentation of its work, which encompasses a variety of disciplines, accepting dialogue as a way of interacting with curators, theorists, collectors and gallery owners, among others.



Elisa Pardo Puch Tuesday 20th February 7 pm

Meeting between artists from the MAE group and Elisa Pardo at the end of Open Studio. The working methods, interests and affinities that emerged during the four days of the programme will be shared at this meeting. The chat will be open to anyone who comes to the studio, with music, as well as food and drink which will be prepared during the activity. 

La Juan Gallery Monday 19th February 6 pm to 9 pm


Starting from the metaphor of a hospital, “Hospital de Artistas” (Hospital for Artists) is a lab that seeks to enable artists to stimulate and develop their own personal projects in the field of visual and/or performance arts. It is also intended as a safe space for receiving feedback, exchanging knowledge and comparing and developing their proposals through practice.

Hospital de Artistas is a halfway house between visual and performance arts which seeks to influence artists whose proposals are on the boundaries between the two. Furthermore, it is an open space for any synergies that may arise between participants themselves.

The participating artists will be: Marta Pinilla, Ceci Cameo, Costa Badía, RevSilver, Tito Rubio-Iglesias, Sara Ruiz Ferrer, Andrea Sainz, Alexia Cobo and Los Abajonistas.


Ramón Mateos Monday 19th February 7 pm

Neo-percussion concert performed by Juanjo Guillem and Rafa Gálvez.

Rosell Meseguer Sunday 18th February at 12:30 pm and 5 pm. Concert Monday 19th February 4 pm. Round Table

Concerto I: Involving a mix of music, visual and food elements with the artists Raúl Bravo, Luis Hernández Mellizo and Marco Padiya (musician).

Round table to discuss the concept of artist’s book and its analogue-to-digital evolution, with the artists Raúl Bravo and Luis Hernández Mellizo. With projections and exhibition of some tangible works, focusing on aspects of painting, photography or installation art and the research process.



Art for Everyone Sunday 18th February All Day (11 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm) Children and adults

Conectando manos, conectando mundos (Linking Hands, Linking Worlds) is the activity proposed for the window of the Art for Everyone space as a group activity involving the public. This is a performance-based activity, although its result will be a large mural. Participants will place a hand on the glass. At the same time, the artist will start the painting from its silhouette and continue in concentric shapes, creating lines that result in a large mass of ultramarine blue colour.


San Blas – Canillejas 

Estudio Caunedo Sunday 18th February 11 am. Mandatory registration at

Maximum 15 children.

  • Title: Guts and Aliens
  • Age: 6-12
  • Maximum number of participants: 15
  • Duration: 2 hours.


A hands-on workshop aimed at spontaneous assembly and modelling using remains of works, mud, slime and paint. Participants will make their own works, with no restrictions, resembling characters that are part alien and part internal organism. The leaders will help them with reference images and material techniques. Finally, each participant will take his or her work home.

Estudio San Marcelo Tuesday 20th February 1 pm

Presentation of Almudena Lobera’s latest video, “Epiphany. Mise-en-scène”, 2016. Documentary video.