Artist in Action: Fernando García-Dory

Fernando García-Dory: Visit to the Campo Adentro / INLAND workspace. Tuesday 20th February 5 pm – 8 pm 

“The Forgotten Space”

A picnic and a conversation in the greenhouse-classroom promoted by Campo Adentro / INLAND on the empty land near Matadero, under the name “Nuevo Jardín de Dalias”, where we can talk about previous and current work carried out by this collaboration platform that addresses the relationships between culture, territory and social change. As well as a narrated journey through non-anthropised spaces, spaces that could be farmed in Madrid (according to the 1982 study “The Forgotten Space”) and other cities such as Paris, London or Berlin… Agricultural actions in public spaces, with a great variety of means and ends, are becoming increasingly common in cities. Which are the most significant? How can they be categorised? What effect do they have on urban power dynamics?

Time permitting, a bonfire and a bio-purification action will give way to a wine and cheese tasting session as part of the Campo Adentro / project project. “