Programme for Guest Collectors


Open Studio Madrid 2018 will offer a new programme to promote collections and support galleriesand artists and in collaboration with the Sub-Directorate General for the Promotion of Fine Arts of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

With this new programme will try to activate the collection Spanish and abroad through two proposals, a new on-line Advisory Programme , free for all those interested in the acquisition of contemporary art and the Programme for Guest collectors: consists in a Program of visits to the studios of participating artists, aimed at collectors or potential buyers, both Spanish and foreign, during Open Studio Madrid.

A specific programme of personal invitations to collectors will be developed, whose purpose is to contribute, in a different way, to the formation and encouragement of private collecting and be a new way of marketing for both galleries and artists.

Spanish and international collectors can apply to participate in the guest programme by contacting:

Purchases made during Open Studio Madrid will be effected, in the event that the artist has a commercial agent, through the gallery representing him or her. If the artist does not have an agent, the purchase and sale will be effected directly with that artist.

Open Studio does not participate in any way in these transactions