ABIERTO-ABIERTO (OPEN-OPEN) is an art exchange project between Open Studio Madrid (Asociación Open Mind Arte y Cultura) and PAOS GDL which aims to create interaction, collaboration and discussion between Spanish and Mexican artists, and generally to open up a platform for dialogue and cultural and critical reflection between the Spanish and Mexican art scenes. Starting from a plan based on international residential courses, Abierto-Abierto aims to open up other spaces for work and dissemination from the socialisation of artists’ research and production processes, working from their own contexts and as visitors on other platforms.

The project will launch in 2018 with the participation of the artists Carlos Aires and Miki Leal (Spain) and Octavio Abúndez and Isa Carrillo (Mexico), who have been selected by the organisers for this pilot scheme. Aires will be welcomed by Taller Los Guayabos, and Miki Leal by PAOS GDL, from 18 January to 6 February. During that time, in addition to imparting research and production residential courses, they will take part in the activities taking place around the Pre-MACO event held in Guadalajara in the run-up to the Mexican fair season. With the same plan, Octavio Abúndez will be welcomed by the Mala Fama studio, and Isa Carrillo by Nave Oporto, in Madrid, from 6 to 26 February, as part of Open Studio Madrid and in the run-up to the ARCO fair. The residential courses will have a duration of three weeks, and the schedule of activities includes the opening of the artists’ studios in the host spaces.

This exchange will involve a new programme of residential courses that aims to promote the mobility of young and mid-career visual artists from both countries, as well as increase their international visibility and promotion.
The 2018 edition of this project is possible thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española; the Mexican Federal Government, the Embassy of Mexico through the Institute of Mexico in Spain; the Mexican Ministry of Culture, the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts; the Government of Guadalajara through the Guadalajara Department of Culture; Taller Los Guayabos (GDL), Mala Fama (ES), Nave Oporto (ES), Villa Calavera (GDL), Felipa Manuela (ES) and Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo, PAC (MX).


ABIERTO-ABIERTO es un proyecto apoyado por Acción Cultural Española y el Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes