Banco Santander Foundation Award for Artistic Production

Fundación Banco Santander Award for Artistic Production

Open Studio, with the Fundación Banco Santander´s sponsorship, has designated Pablo Capitán del Río as winner of the IV Fundación Banco Santander Award for Artistic Production. The winner will be awarded a residency for a maximum of three months (between November 2016 and January 2017) in one of the work spaces of Noestudio in Madrid. He will also receive an endowment of 3,000 euros gross, by way of a production fund, and access to the human and technical resources ofNoestudio.

After a thorough analysis of the projects submitted and the ten shortlisted artists being called for a personal interview, the judging panel agreed to grant the IV Fundación Banco Santander Award for Artistic Production to Pablo Capitán del Río. The panel praised the strength of his plastic and intellectual work,and his conceptual coherence. The panel also considered him to be the ideal candidate to benefit from the studio, vital for the development of his career and artistic practice.

The work of Pablo Capitán del Río (Granada, 1982) mainly explores the language of sculpture and object-image construction. His creative practice treats the object as a conveyer of multiple narratives in order, through different media and conceptual strategies, to thwart their readings, saturating it, leaving it suspended. His discourse focuses on exploring the adequacy of the aesthetic image as a device for violation of language and for how this normalizes the perceivable reality.

The recent years of research on the ability of plastic work to preserve a semblance of statement despite the narrative suspension has led him to be interested in combining areas of scientific discourse (ethology, fluid mechanics, optics) with aesthetic discourses closer to poetic creation, literature and film. In this fourth edition of the Fundación Banco Santander Award for Artistic Production a total of 72 candidates were considered. Applicants had to meet the following requirements: be a Spanish artist,be over 18 and less than 36 years old and have no studio in Madrid. Of all the applications received, the management of Open Studio drew up a shortlist of 10 artists.

The panel was made up of María Beguiristain (responsible for Art and Exhibitions at Fundación Banco Santander), Antonio Sánchez Luengo (Assistant Director General of Fine Arts of the Community of Madrid), Tania Pardo (Director of Exhibitions at La Casa Encendida), Abraham Lacalle and Jacobo Castellano (artists at NoEstudio) and María Eugenia Álvarez (Director of Open Studio). In mid-January 2017, a presentation will be held at NoEstudio, in which the result of the three months of artistic residence will be shared, and in which the artist will have the opportunity to show his work to professionals, collectors, the press, and so on.


Pablo Capitán del Río (Granada, 1982)


Previous winners of the Fundación Banco Santander Award for Artistic Production have been:

Belén Rodríguez (Valladolid, 1981) I edition

Olmo Cuña (Vigo, 1983) II edition

Elvira Amor (Madrid, 1982), III edition

Since the awards, the three winning artists have exhibited and received grants and residencies, both national and international.


Press release from the Fundación Banco Santander IV Award for Artistic Production